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Preschool Programs

Lover’s Little Ones Academy Preschool Programs

Enjoy successful homeschooling with a Lover’s Little Ones Academy Preschool Programs.

Our Preschool Programs are based on each child’s needs, abilities, interests and family input. Some kids may differ to each other  but we encourage children  to learn and discover independently as well as collaboratively with peers and educators through a mixture of child led and teacher led activities. We believe that every child can achieve.

Preschool Program

“Excellent education and appropriate learning opportunities that empower children to be confident, successful, lifelong learners”

Each program includes several dozen outstanding books. Follow the easy daily schedule in the Instructor’s Guide to know what books, and how many pages, to read each day.

Each program includes:

  • a detailed Instructor’s Guide
  • Bible reading and teaching
  • history
  • books for you to read aloud to your children
  • books for your children to read
  • Enjoy reading the best books with your children during the few years you have with them, using a well-planned program that’s easy to use.

Join the thousands of Lover’s Little Ones Academy families who are equipping and empowering their children to do whatever God calls them to do.


Call or email us today to find out how to enroll your little one!