10 Best Children’s Picture Books About Starting School

When we help kids make connections, we strengthen their learning experience. That’s why we’ve collected some list of picture books about starting school. Below are the 10 Best Children’s Picture Books About Starting School.


1. I Am Too Absolutely Small for School

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School by Lauren Child to them. Lola is sure she is “too absolutely small for school,” but Charlie, her older brother, humorously and patiently convinces she’s not. Charlie give Lola all kinds of funny reasons that stretch the imagination that she needs to go to school. Child’s mixed media artwork definitely adds to the fun.


2. First Grade Jitters

In this book, a boy named Aidan shares his fears about starting first grade and tells how his friends helped him to feel better about starting school.

3. First Day Jitters
“Everyone knows the jumble of feelings as the first day of school approaches — especially if it’s the first day at a new school.”

4. A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade

Pirates Guide to first grade book is something interesting for kids. As we all know kids love adventure and in this book, they will be amused.

5. The Kissing Hand

Audrey Penn’s The Kissing Hand provides comfort and reassurance to children 3 to 8. Chester Raccoon is scared about starting kindergarten, so his mother tells him a family secret – the story of the kissing hand. Knowing her love will always be with him is a great comfort to Chester, and the story may provide similar comfort to your apprehensive little ones.

6. Chu’s First Day of School

“Chu’s First Day of School is a perfect read-aloud story about the universal experience of starting school. Chu, the adorable panda with a great big sneeze, is heading off to his first day of school, and he’s nervous. He hopes the other girls and boys will be nice. Will they like him? What will happen at school? And will Chu do what he does best?”

7. First Grade Stinks!

Hayley quickly finds out that first grade is different from kindergarten, but in all the wrong ways! The classroom isn’t as bright and colorful. Ms. Gray doesn’t seem to smile as much as her kindergarten teacher Ms. Lacey did. The work is hard and there isn’t enough time to play outside. Worst of all, her best friend Ryan says he likes first grade! Finally, Hayley has had enough. “First grade stinks!” she shouts. The classroom is suddenly very quiet. “You’re in trouble now,” Ryan whispers. But to Hayley’s surprise Ms. Gray doesn’t look mad at all.

8. Sam and Gram and the First Day of School

Gram helps Sam get ready for his first day at school. The story takes the child hour-by-hour through a typical first day at school, so that the child will know just what to expect on his or her own big day. There are two special sections – Things To Do and Things To Talk About.

9. Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes

Pete the Cat is back—and this time he’s rocking in his school shoes. Pete discovers the library, the lunchroom, the playground, and lots of other cool places at school. And no matter where he goes, Pete never stops moving and grooving and singing his song . . . because it’s all good.

10. Kindergarten Rocks

Dexter already knows everything there is to know about kindergarten. His big sister, Jessie, told him all about it. So Dexter is not scared. Not even a little bit. But his stuffed dog, Rufus, is scared. Actually, he’s terrified. But Dexter–er, Rufus–has nothing to fear: As he’ll soon find out, kindergarten rocks!”

These books are really amazing. I could not tell which one should be selected or chosen. Each book has a unique character that your little one will enjoy reading it.

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